Giant’s AT&T Park now has “Gotham Club” in right field

by sanjosebarstool

gotham 1 gotham 2 gotham 3



I have no idea when this is opening, nor how much it will cost to get in there, but I’ll be damned if I don’t drop several c-notes at least once this season to get this treatment. The Gotham Clubhouse? Jesus Christ, the name alone gives me a rock hard, middle school era boner. Pretty sure this has gotta be the new go to date/excuse to go to a baseball game? Tell your Tinder date you’re going to the ball game then you embarrass the shit out of her by dressing up and bringing her to the Gotham Club?¬†Talk about a 3-2 change up, this girl won’t know what hit her. Hell, as soon you walk into the Gotham Club and before she picks her jaw up off the floor, pretty sure you could drop a, “Oh and I’ll want my eggs poached tomorrow morning” and get away with it no problem.