San Francisco State professor arrested after filming students taking dumps in his home

by sanjosebarstool



NBC Bay Area – A former San Francisco State University professor is accused of filming students while they used the bathroom at his home, according to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office.

Mark Landis, 38, was arrested Wednesday and faces 15 counts of invasion of privacy, a misdemeanor. He is currently out of custody after posting $100,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday.

The district attorney’s office said Landis would invite students from San Francisco State University and University of San Francisco to his 17th Street apartment.

“Obviously they were shocked by this behavior,” San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said of the victims. “It was so unexpected and you feel such an invasion of your privacy.”

Officials said there are 15 victims, both male and female and all former or current students from SFSU and USF. Gascon said investigators believe there may be more victims.

In November 2013, a student visiting Landis at his apartment noticed a flashing light in the bathroom when they reached for a tissue, officials said. The student looked inside the tissue box and found a camera.

The student took the camera’s memory card home and discovered videos and pictures, officials said. The student then brought the memory card to police.

An equal opportunity peeping tom, who knew such a character guy existed. Dude shitting, woman peeing, green jacket, gold jacket, who gives a shit? Well hopefully his students because he’s got the camera rolling. So this guy just likes watching people shit, right? Or maybe it’s just people he knows firsthand? Not really sure. Don’t wanna sound like Stephen A. Smith here, but how you’d ever end up at Mark Landis’ apartment, that’s on you. How or why you’d ever go to your single, older, white, glasses-wearing, professor at a state school’s apartment and then use the bathroom, I can’t comprehend. It just screams creepy shit going to happen/I could die tonight.

I will say this though, no student can ever accuse Prof. Landis of playing favorites after this news. Everyone is fair game. It’s just too bad we’re not in an age anymore where we can hang out with our teachers outside of class.