Crazy Asian lady fights crazy bum on MUNI bus

by sanjosebarstool



First off, I’ve never been more afraid for someone than when the bum said, “You threaten my life….I’ll break your fucking jaw,” but to have the courage to come back with “You threaten your own life!” was nothing short of amazing. His reaction to that retort was Ric Flair like, running over to get her out there, I was half expecting to hear a WOOOOOOO after seeing this


Nightmare fuel in smelly blues jeans indeed. But you have to love her strategy of just tossing everything right back at him, “Who’s a whore?” Sun Tzu would be incredibly proud of her deflection method until she basically went through every emotion a human can have then mocking other concerned Asian ladies. You realize she is the aggressor in fact and maybe this bum wasn’t so nuts after all. Unbelievable plot twist, laughing like a villain at the end, scaring off everyone. Did not see that coming at all.