Siracha-inspired EDM festival announced for San Jose next month

by sanjosebarstool


San – The propitious combination of hot sauce and electronic dance music will be celebrated in St. James Park on August 30 and promises three stages of dance music, four bars and more than 120 sriracha infused dishes. While the exact food trucks have yet to be announced (though they will be August 5), Moveable Feast announced the music line-up this morning, curated by up-and-coming San Jose DJ John Beaver.

Headliners for the show include Aaron Axelson, Dead Funk, Thee-O, Sam F, John Beaver, GoldenChyld and Los Disco Duro. The full line-up can be found below.

Full line-up:

Olmstead Stage
Sam F
John Beaver Live
Ross FM
Carlos Alfonzo
Tomas Phan
Ian Rey

Kennedy Stage

Aaron Axelson
Dead Funk
Andy P

Mr. Tyler Jackson
California Casual
DJ Hil
Bare Knuckles
James Ashley

Hart Stage
Los Disco Duro
Bobby Acosta

Double A and Jay Reese
DJ Basura
Haptic Synapses
Mike Zhao

I’m going to take two stances on this festival, but let me get the first one out of the way.

I don’t pretend to know much about music, but I am somewhat tapped into hot beats mostly through my younger brother but I have never ever heard of these guys. Name me one hit from any of these guys because I sure can’t, so already you’ve lost me other than the appeal of dressing like MacAulay Culkin in Party Monster and making out with some chick on molly.

The second is that Siracha sauce is by far the most overrated thing in the Bay Area and perhaps California. It’s an Asian hot sauce. That’s it. It doesn’t taste amazing, it turns shitty food into something that’s somewhat tolerable. They’ve got Siracha peas, chips, hell they even have Siracha candy canes. Siracha sauce is like what lime wedges are for Corona, it makes a shitty beer somewhat tolerable.

Worst off, because it’s an Asian hot sauce that isn’t mainstream it draws out the worst hardos when it comes to talking about the sauce. Tell anybody who loves the sauce that you’re not a fan and immediately you become equivalent to some goddamn peasant with no taste who eats at McDonald’s. Well news flash, when you’re putting your beloved Siracha sauce on your Chipotle burrito, realize Chipotle is owned by McDonald’s so who’s the asshole now?

Rant over.