Sounders FC put Make-A-Wish kid Xander Bailey in actual friendly, probably the coolest thing ever

by sanjosebarstool

Opportunity of a lifetime playing against about 60,000 people (yes you read that right) as well as a top flight team like Tottenham, is truly amazing. Now granted, time may not have started yet and he may have been told to shoot from outside the box, but he had some pepper on that shot, huh? If I’m Xander Bailey, I am for sure taking a run at Friedel. Guy is 43, you telling me you can’t put it past a 43 year old goalie in a friendly? I’m taking that ball, do a couple over steps and slotting that bad boy right into the back of the right hand side of the ole onion bag. Hell, remember Nebraska letting that kid score a touchdown in their spring game? That was magical, you’re telling me a kid with a helluva shot couldn’t reasonably put one away against his past his prime goalie? Friedel’s gotta take a dive there for the sake of the game.

P.S. You know when Xander hit that shot, the velocity for sure scared Brad Friedel a tiny bit. Little bit of pee in the shorts on that one touch.