Man dies while having sex with his wife, Wife reveals last words were, “You’ve Still Got Your Socks On”

by sanjosebarstool


Yahoo! UK & Ireland – A grieving widow has opened up about the moment her late husband died while they were having sex.

Lucie Brownlee was left heartbroken after becoming a 36-year-old widow when Mark died in front of her.

The couple were trying for a baby when he suffered a catastrophic arrhythmia in bed – tragically they had chosen that night to have sex because it was the optimum time to conceive.

But after the intelligence analyst collapsed, paramedics couldn’t revive him and he died on the scene.

Devastatingly, his last words were: “You’ve still got your socks on.”

Mark was just 37 when he died and was fit and healthy at the time, despite health problems previously.

He’d collapsed four years before his death and medics discovered that his aorta had ruptured – but he’d gone on to make a full recovery after an operation.

Of course, feel for the widow who know has a bit of a black widow stamp to her now, but just tragic leaving a young wife and a kid. However, as far as ways to go, that’s the way to do it. I can only hope that this man came to fruition before he came to fruition.

That being said, there’s two unfortunate angles to this story. The first of which is as great as it is going after sex the last thing on your mind even if you busted your nut is confusion has to be horrible. I mean in theory, you’re never going to have that question answered forever or at least till your wife joins you in the afterlife. That’s infuriating on an eternal level. As far as mysteries of life go, that’s a tough one to go out on as it’s so simple and benign. Die not knowing the truth about the Kennedy assassination or the 2000 elections results, not why your wife left her socks on.

Which brings me to my next point: do people not realize that’s a genius move? It’s so easy for women to get distracted and turned off, resolving the “cold feet” factor is a gamechanger. In fact Johns Hopkins scientists have already written about this strategic move. So my question now is, how did he not know that and even worse, maybe his wife did and just shows us that more that she loved him that much to keep his socks on. Tragic indeed.