Well, here’s the world’s first commercial for weed and boy is it preachy

by sanjosebarstool


Well, if you took a mall Santa and crossed it with the creepy Burger King guy you’d have Crop King Seeds. Sure it’s the first commercial out of the gate so it’s bound to be terrible and technically it’s only on YouTube, but huge step forward for the tokers in Washington and Colorado. But why take a shot at boozers, what did we do?

Perhaps in 100 years we’ll look at Crop Kings as the Budweiser of weed but for right now it’s a brand that came out with a way too tongue in cheek advertisement about how safe they are and because they’re the first they get points for it. Undoubtedly, there’s going to people arrested for ordering them online I’m sure because even in California, the state and federal laws are so different that the local cops might not be able to pop you for doing anything wrong but God forbid the FBI break down your door because you’d be doing some hard time for “intent to sell.”

What the the FBI should be doing is arresting all those home brewers of beer for being snobby and bringing it up any chance they get. All things being said, the first “Lite” beer ad is the gold standard:

How the boys at Crop King Seeds didn’t at least get Cheech and or Chong is unforgivable. Total missed opportunity.