Giants might ban “culturally insensitive gear” to games

by sanjosebarstool

Another strike against the white man! This had to be coming down after two Native Americans were arrested on their own heritage night for trying to get a guy to take off his headdress. Only way that the average white guy can reverse racist this is to cry foul on Jewish/Irish/Italian and German heritage night for anybody that’s not that. But even then, to be a white dude who does that would arguably go down as being one of the more blowhardy things of all time you could do. It’d be like yelling at “fake Irish” people on St. Patrick’s Day.

Either way, it’s only a matter of time before “Giants fans” start protesting interleague games against the Cleveland Indians. Laugh all you want now at that idea, but look at what’s transpired for the Redskins in the past 2 years. Don’t say you weren’t told that “motivated fans” protesting any home games played against the Indians in the next couple years because if the PC police are going nuts now and get their victory, imagine what they’re going to want to do next. Also, I really want faces behind the PC police because if they are genuine fans who are offended, I’ll be surprised. I doubt that these people have been season ticket holders or got to more than 3 games a season.