Man arrested after knocking out woman after Giants game yesterday

by sanjosebarstool


SFWeekly – An unidentified woman was knocked out yesterday during a fist-fight outside AT&T Park after the Giants game.

Shortly after the A’s beat the Giants, police were called out to Second and King streets where a group of men had been fighting. According to police, two men got into a verbal argument with a another group of guys which quickly escalated into a physical fracas.

When one of the men started throwing punches, a woman intervened, attempting to break up the fight. Instead, she, too, got clocked in the face, knocking her unconscious, says Officer Albie Esparza.

The suspects fled the scene before police arrived. The male victim was treated at the scene for chipped teeth while the woman was taken to San Francisco General Hospital with serious injuries. As of this morning, she was “responding to treatment,” Esparza says.

Sacramento police arrested one of the suspects last night at about 8 p.m. He’s in custody at this time, and police will release more information later this morning.

Quietly, under the radar (not so much anymore) there have been more and more fights happening outside of the Giants ballpark in recent years. Usually people are on high alert for Dodgers games (see Brian Stow incident) but more and more it’s random teams that it’s happening. With a Bay Bridge series against Oakland, in the midst of a spiraling season by the Giants while the A’s look primed to make a deep playoff run, it doesn’t surprise me that kids got a little rowdy rowdy in the parking lot.

Of course traditionally I would blame this on Oakland fans just because they don’t have their pinky’s up with everything they do and are more ummmmm “blue collar” but I’ve been noticing more and more that Giants fans, perhaps drunk on success have come across more and more cocky as well as attracting some of these bandwagon hooligans that really don’t give that much of a shit about the team but rather want to “rep their town.”

Now it’s unclear whether or not the A’s fans or Giants fans started it, but when will women realize that if dude’s are fighting just to stand back and let someone else break it up? When has a woman ever successfully broken up a fight amongst men? Never? Once? I know that sometimes your man is the heap of the scrap but there’s never a good reason to jump in. Get someone else to try and break up because usually this is exactly what’s going to happen: the woman jumps in, with no fighting experience, doesn’t have their guard up and gets an errant elbow/knee/fist to the face and goes down hard. Actually, usually that does break up the fight but only because she got dropped.