15 years ago today, Brandi Chastain gave San Jose pride

by sanjosebarstool

original Brandi-Chastain brandi-chastain-1

Yes, I remember the day. I lived at the time pretty close to Archbishop Mitty,where Brandi played high school futbol, and the noise from the viewing party at that field literally rocked my building from a quarter of a mile away. For a women’s soccer game, but it was AMERICA beating China.

In a time where we competitively aren’t really underdogs or close to the top but the best (see olympic hockey and now men’s soccer) there’s not really anything that isn’t a route or we don’t care. The women’s world cup was new, nobody had done it and we did it first. We were America. There were no wars, people were making money, a perfect storm of interest in AMERICA being #1.

More importantly, it gave San Jose a person we could call our own. Before that? Ughhh Smash Mouth? Some Jack Kerouc poems? Not really anything too much but we had her, the game winner. Probably the same way that Winthrop felt when Mike Eruzione scored agains the Russians. There aren’t that many seminal moments that US teams have where it isn’t a blowout and I’m happy to say, we got one under our belt.