SFPD’s K9 unit getting bullet proof vests, look savage as fuck

by sanjosebarstool



SFWeekly – Tomorrow, San Francisco’s police dogs are scheduled to take a few hours off from sniffing out drugs and tracking down bad people for a work-related fashion show.

Specifically, the pups will be strutting around in their new custom-made bullet proof vests designed to better protect our local K-9s — and their handlers — while fighting crime.

Six of the Department’s K-9s will receive one of the new vests donated by the Cover Your K-9 Fund, a nonprofit that helps keep California’s police pups safe while on the job. The new vests will feature all kinds of cool technology, including infared lights with attachable cameras (for building searches), and rappel straps if they need to raise or lower a dog mid crime-fighting. So if a cop is searching a dark building, they can attach the IR camera to the pup and use a wrist monitor to see everything the dog is seeing in real-time.

More importantly, the vests will be custom-fit, which means for the first time ever, they’ll actually fit the dog, says Louise Tully, spokeswoman for the nonprofit.

Well I think at this point, as a criminal, whether it be trying to run from the police or trying to run a successful drug ring, you might as well pack up shop and move to Oakland because the K9 unit for the San Francisco Police just became the “no fucking around crew.” I mean not only are they going to have the vests, which I may add, will slow down any knife wounds, having camera’s attached to them so that their officer/handler can see what’s going on? Criminal bro’s, you guys are so wet toast.

P.S. Being chased by a K9 police dog would be probably one the worst things to ever happen. I’ve been by the same slow, blind dog on my block twice and he’s left a mark both times. Not fun. If I was a criminal, I’d shut it the fuck down.