Raiders intend to tear down Oakland Coliseum next year despite A’s new 10 year lease

by sanjosebarstool




SFGate – While the A’s are trying to negotiate a deal to stay in the Coliseum for another 10 years, the Raiders are in talks to tear down the stadium next year to make way for a new home for the NFL team.

The talks, revealed in a memo to Mayor Jean Quan from planners of the city-backed Coliseum City sports-retail project, stunned officials of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority – the agency that just reached an agreement to keep the A’s in the existing ballpark for a decade.

Representatives of Coliseum City say they expect to reach a deal with the Raiders by the end of the summer that would lead to the opening of a new football stadium on the existing site by 2018.

“It will be critical to demolish the existing stadium in 2015” if the project is to be finished on time, Coliseum City attorney (and local political powerhouse) Zachary Wasserman said in a July 2 memo to Quan and City Administrator Henry Gardner.

In the meantime, the Raiders “are making arrangements to play elsewhere,” Wasserman wrote. Just where that might be, he doesn’t say.

Just where the A’s would play under this scenario isn’t clear, either. If the City Council and Alameda County Board of Supervisors ratify the deal reached between the A’s and the Coliseum Authority, the baseball team would get two years’ notice before any construction that would force them out of the ballpark. That would keep them in the Coliseum through at least the 2016 season.

Well if that isn’t a curveball, I have no idea what is. Just the Raiders being the Raiders, a fly in the ointment to basically everyone. Not only does this mean the Raiders get a new stadium it’s giving the A’s a solid 2 years heads up to find a new place to play, which might as well be a 5 minute warning.

Can’t really blame the Raiders for wanting to a build a new place, the 49ers stadium is going to be the tits and as the little brother of the Bay, they’re going to be forced to put up something, anything comparable for their fan base. Not to mention the coliseum is a piece of shit to begin with, they need a new one anyway. Texas high school football teams have better stadiums than the Raiders.

That being said, BIG win for San Jose if they can somehow turn the A’s 10 year deal being cuckolded by Mark Davis & Co. into reengaging the argument for moving the A’s to San Jose. The options are not clear what they would do if the Raiders did in fact tear it down. I’m guessing the A’s could go to court to prevent the destruction but even the Raiders would most likely have to play somewhere else for a season or two (cough cough LA cough cough) while it was being built. The idea before was that the A’s could play/share AT&T with the Giants but I’m not so sure that was an even a coherent idea back when it was floated 3 months ago.

This is going to be a wait and see but knowing the power that the NFL wields, maybe they force the Raiders to play down in LA for a season or two then cut a check to the Giants for $50 or $100 million dollars to let the A’s move to San Jose. Who knows, it could happen.