“Hot Cop of Castro” blowing up in San Francisco, internets

by sanjosebarstool


KRON 4 – Ladies and gents, it’s time for a classic “who’s hotter” showdown.

In one corner, we have a clean-shaven cop with movie star looks. In the other corner, we have a stubbly tattooed bad boy with a steamy gaze.

Fans of San Francisco police officer Chris Kohrs, also known as “Hot Cop of Castro,” have recently launched a Facebook page in honor of his exemplary work in the City’s Castro neighborhood…among other things.

“The sexyest cop ive ever seen. Damn he vould frisk me anyday,” commented Diane Whitehorse.

Kohrs’ appreciation page has already received nearly 9,000 likes since it was created on June 24.

This guy literally is the smoke patrol. Just your neighborhood cop, patrolling the streets making sure the public’s safe oh wait:

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Yikes, tough beat, huh? Just women from all over the city trying to find you to take pictures with you and gay bro’s just salivating at your clean shaven mug. I’d say this would only happen in the Bay Area but that officer that went nuts at Fenway got viral pretty quickly but that was only because of his reaction.

But seriously, probably outside of the adult entertainment or just entertainment arena, this guy is probably getting hit on daily. Just guys and girls in the Castro asking him to come in because a “burglar” broke into their place. What a gig, if I was a cop I’d be 100% jealous. I can only hope this guy is getting shit on down at the precinct.