This Oakland guy shot another guy in the dick at TJ Maxx after stealing his phone

by sanjosebarstool



KRON 4 – An Oakland resident has been arrested in connection with a shooting at a T.J.Maxx store in San Francisco that occurred in June, San Francisco police said Monday.

At approximately 9:20 p.m. on June 25th, police responded to the T.J.Maxx store on the 800 block of Harrison Street and found a victim suffering from a gunshot wound to the groin, police said.

The victim was shot after he chased a suspect who had stolen his phone, they said.

According to police, 29-year-old Henry Smith was arrested for attempted murder, robbery, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the shooting.

Smith was taken into custody on July 2nd in the Tenderloin district, they said.

The incident remains under investigation.

Even for T.J. Maxx, this seems excessive. If this happened in a Ross or a Big Lots, places of pure retail anarchy, I can see this. But a T.J. Maxx? Must have had all the middle-class white woman running for the exits.

Now upon first glance I was hoping that it was the victim of the theft that shot the man in the dick but no it was the actual vandal who shot the man who’s phone he stole in the dick. Just a case of keeping it too real? Perhaps. Maybe he didn’t want to go back to jail but now he’s facing a murder charge over an iPhone or one of those large screened Samsungs? Tough luck.

If I’m Mr. Smith’s attorney, I think I make the case for attempted manslaughter purely on the fact that this dude can only see people from the waist down and just point to his mugshot. Guy legitimately cannot see anything. Hell, I’d say he was just trying to fire off a warning shot at the ground because that’s all he could see. Bump that down from a murder beat to a year or two in minimum lock up. But get him a lawyer, this man has rights!