Is Harbaugh an A’s fan?

by sanjosebarstool

First off, such a quarterback move bringing a glove to a baseball game (see Doug Floutie), hell those guys don’t even catch the balls on the sidelines when they are warming up.

All that being said, I don’t know any personally and I’m not even sure they exist and are over the age of 7: the mysterious 49ers/A’s fan.

If you don’t know the Bay Area that well, you know if someone is rooting for the Giants, they are almost 100% a 49ers fan. Same with Raiders fans, they root for the A’s. How someone becomes this weird hybrid, I have no idea. Must be through divorce or incest that this sort of fanhood occurs. Thankfully, Harbaugh is not the product of this, just a misinformed coach that really should know his fan base better.