CHP just beating up Great-Grandmothers on the Highway

by sanjosebarstool

The incident occurred on the La Brea Avenue on-ramp in the Mid-City area Tuesday. The victim’s family has hired L.A. attorney Caree Harper to take on the case. She says she wants authorities held accountable for “beating a great-grandmother in broad daylight.”

“She is injured, both physically, emotionally and every way humanly possible. She was not treated like a human and it’s not acceptable in this country or anywhere else,” Harper said. She declined to disclose her client’s name or answer questions about what the victim was doing along the edge of one of Los Angeles’ busiest freeways. Authorities say the victim was taken to County-USC Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation. 

“We want the focus to be what he was doing to her, not what she was doing” prior to the confrontation, said Harper, who said she is representing the family. “She was getting beat like an animal. No one should ever be beat like that.” The CHP officer involved in the violence confrontation is on administrative leave while CHP investigates.  CHP Assistant Chief Chris O’Quinn said the incident report listed no injuries for the woman involved. “When asked if she sustained any injuries, the pedestrian did not advise of any nor were any located by the officers at the scene,” according to the CHP statement.

The sad part is, this woman, if she truly is a great-grandmother, is probably older than Rodney King and definitely remembers the incident.

Troubling thing of course is that we only get to see that part, so we really don’t know what she did to precipitate that and of course her lawyers won’t say what she did. That being said, not a good look for a white CHP officer to be beating the shit out of a black lady on the side of the highway. This dude’s beatdown was almost three times as long as Rhonda Rousey’s fight tonight, which the referee stopped after like 5 seconds. Only way this officer gets off from what he did is if this chick drew a gun on the cop. And even then, a great grandmother? Not a good look bro, never get caught on camera if you’re a cop.