Sharks sign John Scott

by sanjosebarstool


I tried defending Raffi Torres and Mike Brown last year to little to avail to people reading this blog and following me on Twitter, but John Scott is next level Goonage. The 4th line for San Jose is shaping up to be Mike Brown, Burish and Scott. I think it’d be inhumane to send death row inmates up against that line.

Like by buddy Sean Hartnett tweeted earlier, I’m not sure why they are going this route signing Scott as we already have Torres. The back end of this team is night and day from what the Sharks were like 5 years ago. Now it’s skill players and then the guys nobody wants to skate against. Who knows, maybe when they’re line comes up there will be a little bit of a panic, can’t be sure of that either. All I know is that many Sharks fans were up in arms over the Torres signing, I can only imagine their feelings after John Scott’s first fighting penalty that leads to an away team’s power play goal.