Sharks are getting ICE GIRLS

by sanjosebarstool



San Jose SharksAuditions for the 2014-15 SJSHARKS ICE TEAM will be held Sunday August 3 at Sharks Ice at San Jose. Please click on each of the links below for important information on auditions and clinics.

The SJSHARKS ICE TEAM is the co-ed high-energy team that supports the SAN JOSE SHARKS at every home game.  From the moment the puck drops until the final horn blows the SJSHARKS ICE TEAM members are devoted to maintaining excellent ice conditions and energizing the crowd.

The responsibilities will include fan entertainment, on-ice maintenance throughout the game, and assisting with on-ice tasks. The ICE TEAM will be representatives of the organization and may be asked to appear at community events, social outings and viewing parties.

No not trading Brad Stuart to the Avs, buying out Havlat or not resigning Boyle, this, this is it. It had to happen at some point. With the team in the midst of a “semi-rebuild” and the team coming off of one the biggest NHL playoff collapses in history (to the eventual champs), what better thing to do than bring in Ice Girls.

Now make no mistake, because this is the Bay Area and we’re PC/catering to alot of audiences, they’ve opened it up to guys as well but if you think for one minute that it’s going to be a 50/50 split gender wise you are out of your tree. There’s probably going to be two or three guys that end up on the squad. Hell, they even added a stock photo of what they’d like the guy to look like. I’ve taken the liberty of adding what this guy’s personality will probably be like:


I mean in all honestly, it’s a savvy move by management for those games against the Coyotes or other basement dwellers in the NHL to get fans to games because who doesn’t like a hot chick? At the end of the day if there are chicks who want to dress up in skimpy outfits and cheer officially for their team have at it, it puts butts in the seats. Call it sexism if you want, but there are cheerleaders as young as pee wee football, so as I’m sure there will be backlash here, direct it elsewhere. NBA and NFL’s already got them and hell I’m sure some of these girls will be doing it to “meet” players and or springboard their Instagram model fame.

Let’s remember, it’s a small PART-time job as a brand ambassador of the team. Also, It’s not like the Pepsi patrol or whatever they’re called now don’t get reshuffled for no reason each year. I knew a guy on it (one of the few) who said the hiring and firing practices are totally random with no real reasoning. It’s not like they’re making some hot chick who knows nothing about hockey the equipment manager. They’re shoveling ice. Not to mention the fact the only real difference in these women’s outfits are the pants will most likely be sleek like yoga pants and about 3 inches of skin showing from an almost mid drift. Hardly scandalous and I’ve seen women at the game dressed like this. Compared to Nashville’s outfits these look like burqas.

Like I was saying earlier, dissatisfaction with this team and organization is at an all time high so to not make any moves at the beginning of free agency other than getting rid of players and signing literally the biggest goon in John Scott, then introducing what some would call a sexist ice squad into one of the most PC markets in the country, you knew this was going to get crucified by fans all over. I’m willing to bet some of these same Tank Patrol people will make the Ice Squad. Hell, if we make it past the Kings and beyond this past post season are we having this conversation? Didn’t think so.

P.S. The Kings have kind of cornered the market on ice girls, I’d say