San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee giving zero fucks, parks at a bus stop

by sanjosebarstool





That is definitely the face of a guy who would park his electric car in the middle of a bus zone. Hey, he’s the mayor, right? Gets to do pretty much whatever he wants and hell, if Google and Facebook and all those other companies get to use the MUNI painted off area, why can’t the mayor do that? It’s not like it’s basically a dickslap in the face of all the people who he serves in the city right? Look, I’m not the type of dude that complains about the government about petty shit, I know they’re all shady crooks but don’t taunt it in my face. Just shows how much you don’t give a shit about the actual rules.

Best part is he doesn’t even get ticketed for it. Yeah, not even a parking ticket for the dude. Just Mayor Lee being Mayor Lee. And if it’s cool with MC Hammer, it’s cool with me.