Turns out Aldon Smith won’t get charged for LAX bomb threat

by sanjosebarstool



KRON 4 – It appears San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith will not face criminal charges in connection with an alleged bomb threat at LAX, according to multiple published reports.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office made the decision Tuesday not to refer the matter for a trial. Instead officials reportedly will sit Smith down at an administrative hearing to go over the allegations and suggest other ways of solving problems in the future.

Smith was taken away in handcuffs on April 13th after getting into a verbal fight with TSA Agents in a departure lounge at Los Angeles International Airport. He was charged with making a false bomb threat. Prosecutors earlier had said they weren’t considering felony charges in the case.

This is just one of several legal issues facing the Niners linebacker including a DUI accident in a San Jose neighborhood and allegations regarding a fight at his San Jose home.

Classic TSA here, just using Aldon Smith as an example to scare more people. Quite frankly, I don’t blame them for arresting Aldon Smith if he was agitated, I’d be throwing the cuffs on him if he gave me the stank eye let alone when he’s pissed making bomb threats. How about the fact he is physically a human threat? Because Aldon Smith angry to me is more dangerous than a bomb because Aldon can move around and gets paid to get around people to demolish other people.

My guess is the prosecutors up here made a call to LAX and were like, “Hey we’re gonna bag him on some stuff up here, so why don’t you take a chill pill. You proved your point.” Hard to see him getting off for this and the guns AND the DUI, but who knows he’s got enough money to pay for some great lawyers.