San Jose glory was thiiiiiiiiis close to happening

by sanjosebarstool




Now granted, I haven’t seen or heard the post-game commentary, but there was some question as to whether or not Wondo was offsides or not. He wasn’t but the linesman’s flag was up and it’s unclear whether or not he was just signaling a goal kick.

All things being said, maybe he needed more touches on the ball to get the feeling but that didn’t seem to stop our young friend Green from scoring on his first touch.

Wondo, the beloved Earthquake player here in San Jose was lobbied and lobbied for by the fans to make the USMNT, seemingly coming out of nowhere to become the player he is and in his moment he pushed his shot high.

Sadly, it spelled doom for us in the tournament and it’s not the first time a San Jose Earthquake has done the country in while playing in the World Cup. Remember Jeff Agoos?

Fortunately for Wondo, his was a missed opportunity….the tap in that it was. However, like Jeff Agoos, this will likely be his last World Cup as he’s 31. Only time will tell if this is what we remember about this game. Mostly it will be Howard’s surreal performance, but the real soccer fans will know it was this golden chance that slipped away.