Old broad arrested for spraying weed killer in child’s face

by sanjosebarstool




NBC Bay Area – A 60-year-old woman faces felony charges after she allegedly assaulted a child last week.

Julie Rodenhuis is accused of spraying poisonous weed killer in the face and eyes of a 7-year-old at a condominium complex at 676 N. 12th Street in the San Luis Obispo County town of Grover Beach around 7:15 p.m. Wednesday.

It was unclear why Rodenhuis may have done so.

Family members and medical personnel treated the young victim, who was then taken to a hospital for further medical treatment and has since been released.

Rodenhaus faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon, battery with serious injury and child endangerment.

If there’s one thing old people hate, it’s people going on their lawn. The lawn can make a shitty house look great and a shitty lawn can make a good house look like a shack. Old people have it there for a purely decorative, demonstrative wealth purposes. Essentially, it’s all they really got going on.

Enter Julie Rodenhuis, who probably never had kids and loves her lawn when all of a sudden some seven year old comes running onto it with their doo doo hands and what not. Kind of don’t blame her for trying to get this little prick off her lawn but weed killer? That’s up there with throwing acid in someone’s face. Hell, the stuff is specifically designed to kill life. Sure it might be plants it’s killing but I bet it stings a lot worse than shampoo. Why couldn’t she play the crazy old lady card and yell/scream/chase the kid down the block so that the kid cried and never came back? Simple.