Brandon Belt hit a HR for a cancer survivor

by sanjosebarstool




NBC Bay Area – San Francisco Giants slugger Brandon Belt isexpected to return from the disabled list sometime this week, and when he does, he will have a new number one fan cheering him on.

Twelve-year-old Lyndsey Dworkin tossed out the first pitch at the San Jose Giants game on Friday, sporting her Brandon Belt shirt. Belt was rehabbing in San Jose to prepare for his return to San Francisco.

Dworkin is a brain cancer survivor, and after the first pitch, Belt told her he would hit a home run for her–and he did.

Belt eventually got the ball back and gave it to Lyndsey and wrote on it: “To Lyndsey–my good luck charm.”

Belt has invited the family to watch batting practice on the field at AT&T Park as soon as he gets back to the team.

Belt broke his thumb at Dodger Stadium in May after he was hit there by Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander Paul Maholm.

Now the detractors, if there are any, might say that it was a minor league rehab start and he was tee-ing off on A ball talent, but wrist injuries are the worst. I was golfing on Saturday and for whatever reason my left wrist is killing me and I can barely type. Now imagine breaking your wrist and then trying to hit a HR the next month. Pretty tough task if you ask me. Really heart warming story and thank God Brandon didn’t promise two HR’s.

P.S. I’ve thrown out the first pitch at San Jose Giants before. I asked the catcher if it was a strike and he said, “Yeah it was a meatball, now get off the mound.” One of my prouder athletic moments. Up there with when I got the Most Improved Player award at lacrosse camp.