Uber offering “Uberwedding” for Pride Weekend in SF

by sanjosebarstool


Uber – We’re thankful to be based in San Francisco, a city that recognizes love doesn’t have to look any certain way. In honor of Pride week, we’re celebrating the inclusive idea thatlove is love with something that lasts a lifetime.

This Saturday, weddings are on demand. Whether you and your partner have considered tying the knot for years or are just feeling a spark of spontaneity — we’re here to help start you on your new adventure.

We want your day to be perfect. In order to get a marriage license, there are some documents you’ll need to bring — so make sure you’ve read the requirements hereTo request, follow these steps:

  • Open the app on Saturday, June 28 between noon – 6pm
  • Select UberWEDDING and drop the pin where you’d like the ceremony
  • If accepted, your wedding will be en route
  • Bring your own vows, or we can provide them for you
  • Make sure you have the documents necessary for a marriage license
  • From arrival to “I do” will take 45 – 60 min

Your wedding can be as large or as intimate as you’d like, so let your family and friends know if you intend to request. In the spirit of the season, there’s no charge for the ceremony and your honeymoon is covered, too. Demand may be high, so if you’re not confirmed on the first try, keep at it!

When your UberWEDDING arrives, we’ll get started right away. You’ll first work with our on-site notary to obtain your marriage license. Once the license is official, the violinist will begin to play and the ceremony will commence!

You’ll walk down an aisle surrounded by flowers from Bloom That and candles frombella j. After you both say “I Do,” we’ll celebrate with dessert from SusieCakes, cheers with champagne from Iron Horse and you’ll receive a gift bag from L.

In the weeks after your nuptials, our friends at HotelTonight and Alaska Airlines are providing flights and accommodations for your honeymoon. They’re proud to help you celebrate your marriage with the person you’re sharing your new life with.

Uber just hitting a gay marriage home run here in the PR department. It’s trendy, they got gift bags, a violinist and expenses paid (I’m assuming) trip to Hawaii with accommodations? What’s not to like if you’re doing it up big this weekend? I mean the only thing that I can think that hinders this is that these weddings are probably LONG planned in advance so really you’re going after some of these spur of the moment, “we’re doing it!” gay weddings, the “let’s go to city hall/vegas” marriages except instead of Vegas it’s San Francisco.

Either way, It’s a life goal of mine to go to a blowout gay wedding sometime in the next few years just to get a glimpse at what the other team is up to. We’re talking a fabulous, let’s hear it for the boy(s) type of gay wedding. Actually, I just want a host of gay bro’s to compliment my wedding outfit. Give me a “major wow factor!” type response and then try and hook me up with the single chicks. Guy can dream, can’t he?