Toronto Sun loved the Raptors pick last night

by sanjosebarstool



“In perhaps the most surprising pick of the 2014 NBA Draft first round, the Toronto Raptors rolled the dice on the upside of Brazilian forward Bruno Caboclo.

The 18-year-old forward from Brazilian club Pinheiros won’t set foot on the NBA floor anytime soon, but he’s got intriguing athleticism and upside that could be cultivated over the next few years. He’s got a 6’9″ frame and tremendous open-floor agility.

In 2013 he won the NBA Basketball Without Borders MVP. With the right training, he could turn into a versatile, explosive two-way forward.” – Bleacher Report

18 year old international with no US experience that won’t show up in the league for at least two years? What’s not to like?