REPORT: Clooney mulling run for California Governor

by sanjosebarstool



SFGate – George Clooney, the 50-something Hollywood heartthrob and Oscar winner, is considering a run for governor of the Golden State, a friend reportedly told a British tabloid.

According to the Mirror, Clooney, a friend of President Obama’s and an advocate for a range of high-profile issues, was being courted by the commander-in-chief to make a run for California’s highest office, likely in 2018.

Clooney is supposedly considering a career shift to politics partly due to his recent engagement toAmal Alamuddin, a British human rights lawyer, according to the Mirror.

Or maybe he’s just making amends for his performance as Gov. Mike Morris in 2011{minute}s “Ides of March.”

The truthfulness of the rumors is questionable, but if Clooney were to run and win, he would follow in the footsteps of actors Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who traded the silver screen for Sacramento.

Well, looks like this new wife of his certainly did the impossible and got her claws into retired cocksman Cloondawg. At least that’s my theory because absolutely no one, nobody wants to be California’s governor. There’s way too many people, a ton of illegal immigrants, the state is basically bankrupt and the state is full of people whining about something no matter what you do. My guess is that this new lawyer wife of his wants to be a first lady and go the Hilary Clinton route to become the next Margaret Thatcher in England or the first lady of the US. At first glance, her resume of being like a big time human rights lawyer/advisor for the UN is all well and good but all she has to say is “oh I can get things done, I got George Clooney to put a ring on it.” Boom, instant credibility to do anything. It’s like the Medal of Honor for chicks, doesn’t matter who you are or what rank you are, you get one of the most famous players in Hollywood to ask you to marry you and we know you got some bad mojo working in your favor.

Of course, this probably will never happen and he will probably call of the marriage, as apparently his friends are thrilled about this chick, the trickle down effect of getting ass for dudes in Sacramento is monumental. How many chicks are just gonna cruise up to Sacramento for a “girls weekend” because they think they might see/bag/offer services to Clooney? Thousands? Millions? And all those Sactown dudes will be right there for when they are 5 cosmos deep and don’t see him. Get ready boys, here it boys.