Major bike theft ring busted in Marin County, 100’s of bikes stolen

by sanjosebarstool



KRON4 – If you have had your bike stolen or know someone who did, you may be in luck.

Marin County officials say a woman out of Kentfield was busted for running a major bike theft operation, and now police are trying to unite the bikes with their owners.

The bikes and frames were recovered after authorities raided three different locations.

Most of the bikes are expensive road bikes and mountain bikes.

If you recognize an item as yours you should email sheriff’s Detective Bo Dahlberg at You will have to provide a bicycle serial number, or some other unique identifying characteristic such as a sticker or mark, in order to claim the property.

Bike theft is one of the more trendier thefts in the bay area, but for a while I thought it was just bangers stealing hipsters Scwinn’s, didn’t realize there was a female version of Raymond Calitri organizing all these thefts. Seriously though, one of the more low risk high reward situations for a criminal as there’s no real tracking device on these things, there’s no bike registry and if it exists nobody gives a shit. Plus there’s that factor if you left your bike out in the open with no lock or a shitty lock, that’s on you. So bravo to whoever this woman in Kentfield who boosted so many bikes, but I would love to know where she screwed up: distribution? Did someone narc and cop a deal? Fascinating stuff in this dangerous world of bike theft. My odds are someone talked because it’s pretty cowardly to steal a bike. Steal a car? Brass ball. Steal a bike = probably doesn’t respect the G-code.