49ers tailgate area is going to have roller coasters

by sanjosebarstool

49er football games are quickly going to be the drunkest events of all time. They built Levi’s Stadium a stone’s throw away from California’s Great America theme park and they are planning on putting this venue smack dab in the middle. If I was a suburban 49er fan around the age of 16, this might be the greatest news of all time. Adrenaline pumping rides, I can take the light rail to the game because I don’t have my license yet, an area so huge some older guy will definitely give us beer…Xanadu.

Only drawback is there is going to be so much sawdust on the ground around the rides from drunk chicks thinking they can thrill seek after 6 Coor’s Lights and 7 layer dip. Bring a poncho, because I guarantee there’s going to be at least 20 people each Sunday booting mid-ride.