Liquor store clerk with spade takes on robber weilding a handle of Jack Daniels in San Jose

by sanjosebarstool

NBC Bay AreaA man wielding bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey and vodka was captured on a liquor store surveillance camera tossing the full bottles at a clerk, who chased after the man and whacked at him with a garden spade.

The video was recorded June 16 at Tip Top Liquor in the 400 block of Bascom Avenue in San Jose. Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Sgt. Kurt Stenderup released the video Thursday, noting he had edited out the end, which showed the attacker pummeling the clerk, before being pulled off by a customer who broke up the fight. The suspect sped off in a white car, and the clerk suffered minor injuries.

“He just started chucking bottles at him,” Stenderup said of the suspect, noting that aside from Jack Daniels, Smirnoff and Skyy Vodka were also waved about.

The violence began, according to the video and clerk, when the man entered the store and picked up a case of beer, approaching the counter as though he were going to pay for it. He then asked the clerk how much a bottle of liquor was from behind the counter. When the clerk went to check the price, the man went behind the counter and started grabbing bottles of liquor and cigarettes, as seen on the video.

“Every time they throw a bottle it constitutes as a new act,” Stenderup said. “Potentially, we are looking at multiple charges of assault with a deadly weapon.”

A couple things. First off, not that I’m advocating for the guy but throwing multiple bottles equals multiple weapons? Man, Santa Clara County Sheriffs are the new don’t fuck around crew. Pretty sure this guy knew he could get popped for robbery but armed robbery and multiple charges of assault with a deadly weapon he would have just peaced.

Second, this shirt and this face:

hardo2 hardo

Classic hardo, pre-fight mean mug quickly followed by him retreating into a corner. Bark is definitely worse than your bite and you for sure are not representing the “cali life” style. Grow up and stop robbing the Indian/Pakistani clerk at the liquor store.

P.S. This is what fear looks like


Spade defeats Jack Daniels bottle every time.