A’s reach agreement to stay at the Coliseum

by sanjosebarstool


NBC Bay Area – Oakland Athletics owner Lew Wolff said Wednesday the club has reached a 10-year lease agreement with the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority to stay at the Oakland Coliseum.

The deal that would run through 2025 is subject to approval by the Coliseum Joint Powers Authority, which is scheduled to vote on the extension Friday. The City of Oakland and Alameda County Board of Supervisors also would have to approve the deal.

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig commended both sides for reaching a deal on a lease extension, while offering, “I continue to believe that the Athletics need a new facility and am fully supportive of the club’s view that the best site in Oakland is the Coliseum site.”

“We very much appreciate Commissioner Selig’s support for Oakland to be the home of the A’s,” coliseum authority Chairman Nate Miley added in a statement. “We also agree, and we believe the A’s do as well, that long-term the Coliseum is the best site for them in the East Bay.”

Well once again, another blow to the chances of an A’s stadium in San Jose. End of the day, the Giants are going to cuckhold the shit out of the A’s when it comes to the jewel of the South Bay for financial and fanhood purposes. Unless a huge check cut is going to get mailed to AT&T park, it’s not going to happen for another 10 years.

That’s not to say that we won’t be having the same conversation again in ten years, but it looks like Selig is okay with them staying put with the possibility of a third stadium being built in that area. Just how shitty is that situation? Well if you’re like me who last weekend went to the Saturday and Sunday games, there’s only one way in and one way out and traffic is a nightmare. Furthermore, from the south bay, you can’t take BART directly to the game. Not an ideal situation but it’s gonna stay that way.

I think this deal goes through because Lew Wolff has a good team right now, the seats are being sold (almost to capacity) and to screw with that right now would be a huge mistake. Now if this team was losing and losing badly, I think we are having a different conversation entirely and maybe he puts up a stink knowing the team is going nowhere.

So enjoy your shitty coliseum, A’s fans, while the 49ers enjoy a brand new stadium and AT&T park is one of the most beautiful stadiums in baseball. Sucks.