Woman detained at Native American night at AT&T for lecturing other fan over inappropriate headdress

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People getting kicked out of the Giants game last night.

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SFWeekly – The Giants may have noble intentions behind “Native American Heritage Night” — one in a spate of identity-themed promotions that the team throws every season. (Others include “Portuguese Heritage Night,” “Jewish Heritage Night,” and “Italian Heritage Night.”) But sometimes, even big-hearted moves go hopelessly awry.

 Take African American Heritage Night of 2008, during which the team cordoned off a special segregated section for African American fans.

Or, take last night’s Native American Heritage Night, during which two spectators were detained following an argument over a headdress.

According to various blog posts about the incident — each apparently penned by the people involved — San Francisco police were dispatched to escort a woman out of AT&T Park after she lectured another fan on his inappropriate attire. A man who attempted to videotape the incident on a cell phone says he was handcuffed and thrown in a paddywagon. SFPD spokesman Albie Esparza says that both parties were eventually given certificates of release, and that police were able to mediate the conflict with “all parties involved.” 

Whether it’s the Redskins or your heritage celebration night, you tend to not really be able to make fun of the Native Americans or co-celebrate ironically if you’re not part of the tribe (literally). At this point now, I think really only the Irish heritage night is one where everyone can kind of drink a bunch of beer, wear green and kind of do the St. Patrick’s Day type of ra-ra and no Irish broad is gonna give two shits. The only other groups I can think of would be Canadian or German heritage night, because even if you dressed up in the denim tuxedo or one of the kids from the Sound of Music, nobody is going to give two shits about it. But anything not white? Steer clear. Hell, I’m not even sure who’s white and who’s Native American anymore, alls I know is that if you act up at a game, you’re ass is out of there.