Oh, I guess the Warriors really are going after LeBron AND Kevin Love

by sanjosebarstool



Inside The Warriors The Warriors are still looking to trade for Kevin Love in order to set themselves up to make a run for free agent-to-be LeBron James, ESPN’s Chad Ford told ESPN LA 710 AM on Wednesday.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think there’s a better Kevin Love deal for the Wolves than what the Warriors can offer, and I think the Warriors are very motivated to get Kevin Love in part I think not just because he’s an upgrade over David Lee, but in part because I think that now that you can have a Steph Curry and you have a Kevin Love, I think they feel at that point that they could be credible suitors for LeBron James,” Ford said.

“There are many suitors that are hoping to be credible suitors for LeBron James, but I think the Warriors can make a compelling case for him if they had Curry and Love. They’re perfect complements to LeBron James.”

Ford said the Warriors don’t have major objections to a trade for Love in which they give up Klay Thompson and Lee and take back guard Kevin Martin, but they don’t necessarily want to also trade forward Harrison Barnes or take back guard J.J. Barea, who is owed $4.5 million in the final year of his contract. The Warriors also don’t want to give up a future first-round pick, especially one without protections, according to Ford.

But that could change if the Warriors decide to get involved in Thursday’s NBA draft and can reach agreement on a deal that lands them the rights to the player the Timberwolves pick at No. 13 overall.

“I think there are some players that intrigue them there,” Ford said. “I think they’re willing to maybe take back some of those things – giving a future first-round pick maybe giving up Barnes — if they can get the Wolves’ pick at No. 13.”

So truth be told, I thought this was a joke when I saw it but now I’m legitimately concerned that this could happen. Not for the fact that basically the identity (for the most part) of the team would be dealt (splash brothers dead, Lee/Barnes gone) but that Golden State would become the new Miami, a mercenary port in the storm of NBA free agency. Now granted, I think it would set up a nice Big 3 as Steph Curry is a bonafied point guard and Love will stay inside the paint to get rebounds, it really all depends on whether or not the Charlatan of Akron thinks Golden State is big enough. The fan base would definitely be an upgrade (anywhere really would be) but outside of that the most convincing argument is that he could stay there longer because Steph is younger than him. Right now Miami is trying to trade up to get Shabazz Napier because LeBron likes his style of play apparently. Do I think this could happen? Probably not, but LeBron does LOVE Steph Curry’s play.