Giants unveiling their own local produce garden in centerfield at AT&T

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NBC Bay Area – Known kale muncher Hunter Pence will be on hand when the San Francisco Giants open a new edible garden at AT&T Park Tuesday afternoon, the team said.

“The Garden,” located just beyond the center field wall, is scheduled to open at noon. Fittingly, the Giants’ right fielder, who has been noted for his healthy eating habits, will participate in its opening, according to the Giants.

The Giants said the edible garden will be the first-of-its-kind at at any big league ballpark. Fans will be able to pick local, sustainable produce during the game. Fans can then dress up their snacks with the fresh vegetables.

In addition, The Garden will serve as an outdoor classroom where Bay Area students can take field trips to learn about sustainability, urban farming, and healthy eating, the team said.

The Garden’s Tuesday opening is also fitting because it falls on Italian Heritage Night, as fans can pick fresh herbs from the garden and put them on top of their pizza or pasta bought at the concession stands.

The Bon Appétit Management Company is partnering with the Giants to open The Garden.

Pretty sure this “Wouldn’t go down that way if Barry Bonds was there” to paraphrase Mark Wahlberg’s 9/11 comments. What happened to the sanctity of a baseball stadium? Granted it’s San Francisco and you can get basically any type of food, get free WiFi, have your phone get charged for you (very helpful actually) and sit in a boat to watch the game, but I have to draw the line here. Are you here to watch the baseball game or gallivant in a centerfrield Whole Foods? Hell, the seats aren’t even facing the game. I know you’re trying to create an atmosphere and make AT&T park a place people want to be but what about baseball fans? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to games at the old Pac Bell Park where I’ve seen hipsters eating sushi and not being able to know the names of the players. You wanna do this write? Put the victory garden on a flotilla right outside right field, grow your food there and then have a locally grown or Giants grown food stand right in center field. Right now there aren’t even seats there and that’s on the best places to watch a game. Look what they’ve done:

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It can’t be that hard to attract people to going to the games that you have to install a Williamsburg-esque roof deck garden party to get people from the Mission to watch a game. Grow up. And if you don’t think some fools are just going to pilfer that food and sell it, you’re deeeeead wrong.