Daughter writes note for Google employee Dad to get day off, Google gives him a week off

by sanjosebarstool



NBC Bay Area – A little girl’s summer wish came true thanks to a letter she wrote to Google.

Katie wanted her dad, who works at Google, to spend more time with her, so she wrote the Mountain View company a letter asking for him to have Wednesday off. 

“Can you please make sure when daddy goes to work, he gets one day off,” she wrote in the letter, which is going viral on Twitter.

“P.S. It is daddy’s birthday. P.P.S. It is summer, you know,” she added.

The letter worked, according to the Today Show, as Google responded with a letter thanking Katie for the note and giving her dad the first week of July off as vacation time.

Listen I get that Google gets more out of the PR of this story than actually having this guy go to work for a week, but are you fucking serious? After the age of 21 your birthday does not matter and unless it’s a Friday that you’re taking it off for a long weekend, you’re an asshole. Plus, I have zero sympathy from a company (where you can easily work from home whenever) that has offices that look like this:

article-2339589-1A418096000005DC-171_634x417 461515689_c0701a63a5 Google-HQ-Plex-Bowling

Zero sympathy and it’s also free lunch and free shuttle to work. Grow up, guy. Sure it’s cute that your daughter sent a letter and I wouldn’t be surprised if you encouraged her to, but how about explaining that to pay the bills and afford the school that she goes to that daddy has to work. Or just take the day off and not a make huge deal about it. Yeesh.