Alexi Lalas needs to relax with his red shoes

by sanjosebarstool

red shoes

Listen, I love me some Alexi Lalas but the dude needs not to get too comfortable. Granted he’s the first American to play in a major league (Serie A) and is an icon in the American soccer community, but Taylor Twellman is very much proving himself to be a knowledgable analyst plus his resume can’t hold a candle to any European analyst they bring in. Very soon (aka after this World Cup) there will be a US player with more European playing experience than him (and possibly) more caps than him. So don’t get too comfortable in your red shoes, you’re not Pope Benedict and count your blessings that Landon Donovan has negative stage presence because if he did you might be out of a job.

P.S. Who goes to bed first after the World Cup “Last Call?” Has to be Keller, right? Guy just owns the “I’m a Dad” look.