Klay Thompson now rumored to be part of trade involving Kevin Love, Lakers pick at no. 7

by sanjosebarstool


SLAM Magazine – The Lakers have been in discussions to acquire Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson for the seventh pick in next week’s draft, The Times has learned.

The deal would be part of a larger three-way trade that sends Minnesota All-Star power forward Kevin Love to the Warriors. The Lakers are interested but the deal has been put on hold because of a difference in opinion within the Warriors’ organization whether or not to keep Thompson while trying to obtain Love.

A player on the rise such as Thompson would obviously provide more immediate return than an amateur player with no NBA experience.

So basically the real question comes down to whether or not the Warriors think they can get the same production from Harrison Barnes without Klay Thompson. Granted, the idea of having Kevin Love on the Warriors is great, especially if they don’t have to kick out at much to get Kevin Love meaning Barnes stays and David Lee goes (or maybe Bogut?). Either way, Mark Jackson didn’t utilize Harrison Barnes well enough and the brass knows this it’s just a matter if they want to take that risk of getting rid of Klay.

From a Lakers perspective, they’re going to have to figure out if Embiid is gone at 7. If they found out he will be, the trade makes sense for them. Finally, from the T-Wolves, I’m not sure how much better this offer gets for them, perhaps the Lakers give an additional piece to the trade but likely not. All I know is that next week should be fun.