Santa Cruz woman arrested for bringing gun to court while with infant

by sanjosebarstool


NBC Bay Area – Deputies said a 19-year-old woman was arrested Thursday after she tried to bring a gun into a Santa Cruz courtroom.

The woman, identified as Brisa Santillan, was arrested on suspicion of carrying a loaded firearm, bringing a firearm into a courthouse and child endangerment.

Deputies said Santillan entered the Santa Cruz County Courthouse at 9:20 a.m. with her 6-month-old child to visit the child’s father in court.

Security officers screening visitors at the courthouse entrance found a loaded .25 caliber pistol in Santillan’s purse, according to deputies.

The child was placed with Child Protective Services.

Brisa an early contender for mother of the year going to bring her kid in court to see dad. Now granted, maybe this was more for the emotional support of the baby’s daddy, but perhaps leave the kid/gun at home? If you’ve ever been to court you have basically do the whole TSA song and dance minus the belt and shoes. Still, not sure how you accidentally bring a gun to court. It’s a gun, it kind of sticks out. Granted it says fire arm in the article, but we know she wasn’t bring an UZI with her. Probably something really subtle.