Sacramento Woman sues reality show after having hand duct taped to sledgehammer and slammed into countertop

by sanjosebarstool


SFGate – A Sacramento woman is suing the reality TV show “Bathroom Crashes” and the DIY network after the show’s host allegedly duct-taped her hand to a sledgehammer and slammed it into a broken countertop.

Courtney Muro says “Bathroom Crashers” host Matt Muenster wrapped the duct-tape around her hand to attach the sledgehammer.

“Plaintiff proceeded to swing the sledgehammer toward the counter. The impact partially severed her right index finger under the weight of the hammer against a broken piece of countertop,” the court filing reads. “The countertop pierced the skin and muscle of plaintiff’s finger. Plaintiff then went into shock at the sight of her exposed tendon.”

Muro says a friend had asked for her help during the taping which happened in July of 2012. She says only after her hand was hurt did the producer realize she had never signed the standard waiver of liability.

“While plaintiff continued to suffer in shock and the bleeding from her right hand, plaintiff then signed the waiver of liability while using her left hand,” Muro says in the lawsuit.

The suit accuses the show, the host, the network, and the Scripps Network which owns it of negligence in the case.

Classic case of stupid or liar here. Either this lady is an absolute moron who clearly can’t swing a hammer so badly that the host had to duct tape her fist to it or she’s for sure trying to scam money from the show which is why she’s on the show in the first place. Odd choice of networks to try and scam money from if that’s the case. DIY doesn’t have huge budgeted shows but then again it’s probably one of the few networks you could fake one of these injuries.

Part of me hopes that this woman is actually kind of old and just happened to have her first ever injury. Tendon? I pretty sure flying countertop is just going to graze you but who knows, maybe this guy straight up Mae Young powerbombed her and the injury is real.