Poop covered man accused of biting chihuahuas in San Rafael

by sanjosebarstool

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SFGate – A San Rafael man was charged with animal cruelty after witnesses say he abused two Chihuahuas on Wednesday, the Marin Independent Journal reported. Alex Dillion Maertz was walking with 8-pound Isabella and 4-pound Lily near Merrydale Road and Willow Avenue west of Highway 101 in San Rafael, witnesses said.

Jennifer Parker, a 43-year-old hospital assistant who lives nearby, heard a commotion and ran outside to investigate, she told the Independent Journal. She said she found Maertz holding the larger dog, squeezing her and biting her face. The smaller dog was on the ground, Parker told the paper.

She confronted the man as customers from a pizza place streamed out to see what was happening. Parker told Maertz to put the dog down, the paper reported, at which time he picked up the smaller dog, squeezed it and then dropped it to the pavement.

Parker was able to calm Maertz enough to check both him and the dogs for injuries, the paper reported. A passer-by called 911 and San Rafael police arrived quickly.

Maertz was covered in feces, Parker told the Independent Journal, and was bleeding from bite marks on his face. The larger dog, Isabella, was reportedly suffering from facial abscesses.

Maertz was taken into custody on suspicion of public intoxication and animal cruelty. Both dogs were turned over to the Marin Humane Society.

Just your normal day, going out for a couple of slices when all of a sudden you walk outside to see a middle aged man covered in shit biting his dogs. Not even dogs, but chihuahuas. I mean granted, these dogs can be extremely annoying and it’s not my go to dog breed, I’d feel the impulse with every bone in my body to try and save those dogs. Only hope that you didn’t have any sort of sausage flavored pizza because those slices would be coming right back up.

Question is what this dude was on? He couldn’t be just drunk, right? Only reason he could be drunk and covered in shit is maybe he put his clothes on in the dark, had a bunch of drinks, went to walk his dog and somebody was like, “Hey bro, you’re covered in shit.” Dude realizes he’s covered in shit and starts biting them to discipline them. Pretty simple explanation, but really there’s a better way to show your dog the right way.