Harbaugh tells players have good friends around them, no crazy side chicks

by sanjosebarstool


KTVU – San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh delivered a simple but emphatic message to his players as they gathered in a circle at the end of the team’s three-day minicamp.

Following an offseason in which three key players were either arrested or were part of an investigation by police, Harbaugh warned the 49ers to be more aware of their circumstances and who they hang out with.

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick was one of the three players involved in off-field incidents.

Although Kaepernick was never charged and was cleared of any wrongdoing stemming from a possible sexual assault investigation in Miami, he said the incident left him more cautious about his life away from football.

“A lot more,” Kaepernick said Thursday. “Since I really started playing it’s something I’ve been more aware of, especially in the past few months. It’s something that obviously you have to be very aware of.”

“Be aware of who you associate with, friend or foe,” Harbaugh said, summing up his message to the players. “There always seems to be a foe presence. Mainly, surround yourself with good people.”

Kind of a no brainer here by Harbaugh to tell Kaepernick and crew to smarten up. I mean really all he has to do is point at Aldon Smith and be like, “Hey see Aldon here? Don’t act like Aldon or have his types of friends…and Kap, no crazy chicks.” Done deal.

49ers are entering a pivotal next two years, a new stadium, Superbowl aspirations and Vernon Davis/Frank Gore are not getting any younger in age. The team needs to get to the Superbowl again in the next two years before their veterans start becoming eligible for NFL AARP benefits because come the 2016 season, Kaepernick is not going to have the same type of options available to him.

P.S. The idea of Harbaugh basically telling his players don’t go after nutty side chicks is hilarious. Because Jim Harbaugh knows that being famous doesn’t make you incapable of hooking up with loco.