49er’s Levi’s Stadium to offer Vegan food

by sanjosebarstool

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SFWeekly – Leave it to the San Francisco 49ers to bring tofu eaters and football fans together in one room.

Levi’s Stadium, the new home of the San Francisco 49ers, will offer 14 vegan options and 26 vegetarian items at every game. There will be at least one vegan option at every concession stand,according to Centerplate, the stadium’s food vendor.

Thus, One Green Planet, an online green food guide, has now dubbed Levi’s Stadium The Most Vegan-Friendly Stadium in the Country. Centerplate President Des Hague said the company has worked for years “to usher in a new era of fan experience,” specifically one that delivers food that’s as healthy and diverse as the Bay Area population.

They’re not just referring to baby carrots and greens. The new vegan menu will offer items including baozi, curries, tortas, navy bean curry, Portobello boa bun, and BBQ Jackfruit sandwich, to name a few.

Those of you looking for traditional game-day fixes can still burgers, albeit, the more natural version of the patties. Included on the menu will be grass-fed burgers, which the company anticipates will be one of the most popular items.

Also, 80 percent of the food will be made from locally sourced ingredients and products from within California and a 60 percent in-house preparation rate. In addition, all the seafood will come from sustainable fisheries, all the cooking oil will be recycled, and all the forks, knives, spoons, etc. will be recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable.

I can get down with the biodegradable utensils (even though they are a pain in the ass and making that scratching sound), I can get down with the recycled oils because that’s the right thing to do. Hell, I can get down with the locally grown food even if it costs a few extra dollars.

But the minute you start tossing vegan (lower case V) around, you’re infringing upon Old Glory and everything that is American. If for one second I can’t find a way to get a greasy hot dog, or a big ole burger, you’re parking your green ass on the Constitution of the US of A and my rights. Imagine the horror of some 300 pound fat guy who just realized the burger the vendor in the aisle just inhaled was Vegan tofu? It’d be like finding out there was no Santa Claus all over again. They better make this Vegan offering all the way in the tippy top nosebleed section and not amongst all the real, red blooded football fans. What’s next? Gluten free, Micro-brews? Get out of here and grow up. I thought moving the stadium away from San Francisco would prevent some of this non sense. Let’s remember, beers, brats, and junk food…that’s what Football does.