Klay Thompson on the trading block for Kevin Love

by sanjosebarstool

Well I guess this is the end of the road for the splash brothers and David Lee because Love can rebound and score much better than David Lee. Anybody with eyes can see that. The problem with this trade is that is that there’s no back up for replacing Klay Thompson’s 3 point production. Not sure if there’s anyone they can pick up this off season, but long term they are going to have to find someone that will help balance out the loss in production. Half the reason they had so many three pointers in their time together is because defenses are trying to guard both at the same time but it hasn’t worked.

What will kill this deal, if it gets killed, is Warriors fans sentimental feelings towards Klay Thompson. The fans here love Klay and Klay loves playing for the Warriors, so I’m sure there will be a bit of an outrage that he gets traded even for Kevin Love. Yet, if they can’t do it with the splash brothers and David Lee, that means you need to improve which means getting a better inside presence than David Lee.

RIP Splash Brothers