Couple from England claim to have seen ghost on Alcatraz

by sanjosebarstool


First thing off the bat is that there is no way that this couple is for real. You know why? No real Englishman is going away from his home soil during the World Cup unless it’s to the place where the World Cup is being held. Open and shut case, Watson. Why would he doing that besides being up to no good, trying to take pictures of fake ghost women in a prison that held men? Sure the island had women but they were never in the jail section they were in! Come on man, even ghosts have boundaries, get your story straight. Plus when tour guides like Vicky are your back up sources, that doesn’t help much either.

P.S. I used to on occasion drink with an old Alcatraz inmate named Darwin who was in there for armed robbery. He had 7 fingers, loved his well G&T’s and if you sat in his seat, you’d get the people’s elbow. I don’t miss him at all. He stiffed me for a bill once and when he was signing his book on the weekends in the giftshop, so I confronted him while with my family. Claimed he didn’t know who I was.