Man arrested in Campbell for robbing US Bank, caught with money and Steel Reserve

by sanjosebarstool


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Hardy har har, you guys caught a vagrant for a code 211 with $211 and a steel reserve. Yeah it’s ironic, but in the words of the immortal Stephen Dorff for Blu e-cigarettes, “We’re all adults here.” Who’s the Steve Guttenberg at Police Squad Campbell that insisted this tweet go out? It makes you guys look like smug shit heads for people that clearly got issues. You wanna make an impact? Tweet the photo out of the dude that did it and say  don’t be this guy. I’d have more respect for your department than trying to get your stand up career going via Twitter. Grow up.

P.S. Liotta laughing is the weirdest, funniest thing in movie history. Who laughs like that?