Who’s worse: Smug TV “gotcha!” reporter or the motorcycle guy he “busts?”

by sanjosebarstool

Stanley-Roberts pbb11

Now if you’re unaware of who Stanley Roberts is, he works for KRON4 which for the past dozen or so years, is a local station with no national carrier (NBC, CBS). So when you’re catering towards doing a ton of local news because you can’t pull stories from other affiliates, you start scratching your head for stories (at least that’s what I imagine is the case). ¬†Enter Stanley Roberts, who besides having the hardest news man photo in the game, routinely does these type of videos for KRON4. Up until now I didn’t think he was holding the camera (it would appear he does) and never had I ever seen someone come at him like this in such a way that I thought he “out-douched” Stanley. Let’s not forget, Stanley ROUTINELY gets off on going after Bay2Breakers:

Dude just hates fun. So, when push comes to shove, is he worse than the biker dude? Let’s break it down:

Biker Dude: Makes an illegal turn, complains in the most passive aggressive way possible, has faux long hair, tries too hard to keep it real.

Stanley Roberts: Is a “gotcha” reporter, is filming people do illegal stuff because that’s his gig.

Tough toss up. I’m almost tempted to say Stanley’s worse but when you hear what that guy has for a rap sheet, you gotta say he’s the ass for getting high and mighty on a dude. Bro, with no license and no insurance, it’s head on a swivel at all times man! That’s on you for blowing up on known agitator Stanley “It’s gonna be kinda hard to do that” Roberts. You don’t always have to keep it real and what do we know about keeping it real all the time? It goes wrong.

P.S. “Go fuck yourself” “Ughhhh, that’s gonna be kinda hard to do.” “Then have your boyfriend do it.” Is the best back to back to back lines ever said on camera possibly ever?