Joe Thornton might “re-think” leaving if Sharks fans want him to leave

by sanjosebarstool


CSN Bay Area – Captain Joe Thornton plans to remain in teal, but there is one scenario in which the nine-year Shark would reconsider.

“If he felt the fans didn’t want him in San Jose, he might re-think things,” his agent and brother John Thornton recently told the San Jose Mercury News

According to the Toronto Sun, the Maple Leafs are among at least six NHL teams that have “kicked the tires” concerning Thornton’s availability.

The 17-year veteran and three-time All-Star has a full no-trade clause thanks to a three-year contract extension signed in January, and would have to approve any deal. John Thornton has suggested several times on Twitter in recent weeks that Joe’s preference is to stay in San Jose. 

“He’s perfectly happy there right now,” John Thornton told the Mercury News. “He wants to stay there and win the cup. He believes they still have enough talent.”

And now the passive aggressive wheels are turning! “I mean I’ll go, but only if the fans want me to go…” is such a dickish power move on Joe’s part because essentially he’ll always be able to take something away from it being when he moves teams he can say A) “well the fans didn’t want me to go, this is management” or B) “the fans really didn’t appreciate me” and they argue amongst themselves for/against.

No, it’s because after 9 years of waiting to take the fans of San Jose to the Stanley Cup Finals, you haven’t. You certainly have/had the talent to do so, were sold to the team for all intensive purposes as being able to do that, and for whatever reason you have not. You’re a great regular season player and the Sharks put out a great product, but after the most epic collapse in the Stanley Cup Playoffs changes need to be made at the top and you’re target numero uno.

Of course he’s comfortable here because it’s extending his career longevity by not having to fight/go into the boards and accumulate point totals sending him up the  NHL all time rankings. I wish him the best of luck but he’ll go down as one of the great players who never won if he keeps up these seasonal performances. Clearly he can’t be the BMOC of a team and Marleau isn’t that either, which is fine, you just need to be the Vice President somewhere else.

I take this photo out of context, but I think it stands testament to my arguement:


Is that the face of a guy who won the Art Ross and Hart Memorial Trophy after being traded or someone who lost in the conference semi-finals of a cup run? The answer is both. Granted he was coming from Boston and had a phenomenal turn around season, you figure you’d be a little bit upset about bowing out of the cup after going the farthest you’d ever been. That’s a 27 year old veteran, not a 18 year old superstar celebrating that. Perhaps it’s too much of a knock on him, but if a guy is all about getting his check and racking up records, you would say that guy would certainly look like the guy above.