Dude escapes prison while taking out the trash

by sanjosebarstool


SF Weekly – Authorities spent all Sunday searching for Timothy Midgett, the San Francisco inmate who managed to end his sentence early when he busted out of jail over the weekend. It’s kind of hard to believe how easy his escape plan was: while being escorted by deputies to the basement to take out the garbage, Midgett, 40, ran out the door. Deputies chased after Midgett who continued running east. They eventually lost sight of him, thus Midgett remains a free man. According to the Chron, Midgett was six weeks away from being released after serving a one-year term for possession of narcotics.

Multiple agencies have combed the city looking for Midgett, who is described as a 6-foot-3 black man with short black and gray hair. He weighs about 165 pounds, has brown eyes, a mustache, and a goatee.

If you see him, call the cops ASAP.

Why does the caged bird sing, friends? It sings for FREEDOM, even if it’s 6 weeks away. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and even with 6 weeks remaining on his bid, 6 weeks is 6 weeks and even if he’s only been in for 46 weeks already, probably saw the hole and split the gap. Just muscle memory, running for the end zone and that sweet, sweet fix waiting for him there. That’s like not drinking 6 weeks before your 21st birthday even if someone invited you to a house party. No brainer, here. When you see your blockers checking the middle and opening the gap side pathway, you hit the hole hard through the doors of the Hall of Justice. Turn a prison chore into a prison break.

P.S. First ever midgett that was over 6 feet tall.