Would you date Ric Flair’s NXT Women’s Champion daughter?

by sanjosebarstool



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Tough gig, when you think about it. You got a chick that could probably emasculate you at any moment, a father who is capable of doing the same at any time for no reason and then the fact that you’re going to be nowhere near the spotlight. Carrying bags, getting the coffee/protein/pre-work outs/low T medicine for Ric, etc. However, you’d be in the tree of trust in the Carolina’s most well known families. And you’d get to hang with Ric Flair. Tough, tough choice. If you can carve out a Scott Disick type role for you, secretly palling around with with Ric on the side, I think it’s a no brainer yes. Plus look at Charlotte’s (that’s her name) lats.

Again, if that’s your thing. Just surrendering all control.