Two teens had a great weekend driving a McLaren and renting a Sonoma vacation home till they got arrested

by sanjosebarstool


Ferris Bueller tallahassee 2

KRON4 – Two teens who used fraudulent credit card numbers to rent an expensive sports car were thwarted when the car was reported stolen and they were pulled over by Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies in Roseland on Wednesday, sheriff’s officials said.

After deputies pulled the 2012 McLaren over on Dutton Avenue on Wednesday, deputies discovered that the two 19-year-olds had also rented a $12 million vacation home for $27,000 using the same credit card numbers, sheriff’s officials said.

The teens were identified as Rohnert Park resident Mohannad Halaweh and Santa Rosa resident Nhimia Kahsay.

Halaweh was booked into county jail on suspicion of possession of stolen property and credit card fraud. He is being held under $100,000 bail.

Kahsay was booked on suspicion of outstanding fraud warrants from Del Norte County under $60,000 bail.

Well if you’re old enough to do the crime, you’re old enough to do the crime. I’m really hoping that these two get the full book thrown at them because there’s not I love more than a smart kid getting bagged for doing something wrong. In fact, I’d expand that to pretty much anybody that’s not the “usual” type of perp. This is on the level of James Franco’s brother in 21 Jump Street getting sent to prison even after being accepted to Berkeley early admish. Use your powers for good, not evil guys and really, who were you going to impress by doing this? Some random broad from advanced calculus? A blonde cheerleader? I mean I really hope it was worth it because the only people you’re impressing right now is yourselves. Now renting a McLaren then showing up to prom, stealing some dude’s date then hitting the road to your vacation palace for the weekend? That’s doing right. I’m guessing these guys set up XBOX live and had a doozee of a time.

P.S. Getting pulled over on a Wednesday must your week, right?

P.P.S. Still the funniest prison story is apparently Jerry Sandusky walking into prison and the inmates singing Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” for that killer line, Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone.