How in the dog house is this dad going to be for his daughter almost getting doinked in McCovey Cove?

by sanjosebarstool

Oh congratulations, the little girl with the Phillies hat gets a ball while out with her Dad. If this mother, who I am guessing is for sure going to actually watch Sportscenter for the first time really ever, actually checks out the replay, I am sure she is going to flip shit and this guy might get a 50 game suspension (first offense). If this is his son, maybe he gets a slap on the wrist but clearly Dad just wanted to catch some of the Giants game. Really hoping he comes all proud to find out his wife saw the replay and how close it was to sinking her daughter’s battleship and he’s forced to the 60 day couch treatment.

And really, since everyone is off the juice juice, there are rarely and splash hits so perhaps back it up a few Father of the Year?

Multiply that reaction by 400 then put it in a boat. And make it a girl. Terror city.